What is Salvatore Jewelry Established in 2007, We are a Private Diamond supplying company

Diamond Dreams

The world of diamonds is about making "dreams" come true.  Geologists dream about finding the next big mine, nations dream about the jobs, wealth and development opportunities that diamonds can bring, shareholders dream of superior returns, employees dream of a successful career, and couples dream about the diamonds that symbolize their love and commitment. 


Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to turn diamond dreams into lasting reality.


Our Vision

We have big dreams for our Family of Companies – an ambitious growth vision focused on unlocking the full economic value of our leadership position across the diamond pipeline, in a safe and sustainable manner.  We will turn our dreams into reality by maximizing the potential of our global partnerships, the skills and commitment of our people and the magic and emotional value of our product.



Valuable diamonds an invaluable point of difference.

Salvatory Jewelry are the worlds’ first and to our knowledge only truly socially responsible diamonds. Unlike ordinary diamond companies we believe in giving back to the people & societies that supply our products, to help improve their health and their standard of living. Simply, we believe being a Good Corporate Citizen is good for everyone and simply good business.

Salvatore Jewelry has chosen this unique brand positioning for two fundamental reasons. We are serious about helping to improve the lives of the less fortunate peoples of the world and we are serious about creating the world’s biggest and most successful international diamond brand.

100% Money back warranty for life !

All gold items, with or without gemstones, we sell come with our 100% money back warranty. On top of that our workmanship is also guaranteed for the lifetime of the jewellery.